V-Excel Educational Trust

Our Services

  • The Academy of Teacher Excellence (ATE)

    The Academy of Teacher Excellence (ATE) offers a year-long Diploma program in Special Education. It also offers short-term courses in various areas of special education and disabilities. The curriculum is structured to include the latest developments in the field of developmental disabilities and aims to graduate well trained, conscientious, dedicated, sensitive, enthusiastic, and motivated teachers.

  • Counseling & Assessments

    The V-Excel Assessment and Counseling Clinic provides assessment and counseling services to children and adults. The center, staffed by trained psychologists and well-trained support personnel, has a rich collection of standardized psychological and psycho-educational assessments. The test kits available are suitable to children, adolescents and adults. The expert team is equipped to administer, interpret the tests and provide detailed reports to clients.

  • Early Intervention (EI)

    Early Intervention programs offered by V-Excel are focused on children aged between 0 - 7 years and aim to understand their developmental challenges and provide appropriate intervention. The intent of this timely intervention is to enable mainstreaming early in life. Initial developmental lags can lead to challenging situations later in life and early interventions help avoid these.

  • Kaleidoscope Learning Center (KLC)

    Kaleidoscope Learning Centre is a special school dedicated to serving the needs of the growing number of children with developmental disabilities. The school follows a curriculum which is based on the pedagogy developed by Rudolf Steiner and is being followed the world over in Waldorf schools. The Waldorf curriculum brings together all elements of a child's development: the intellectual, the artistic and the spiritual.

  • Satellite Centers

    V-Excel is setting up schools and other programs to give access to facilities in small towns and rural areas for persons affected by special needs. The clear and ultimate vision of V-Excel Educational Trust is to address the alarming paucity of and access to services in this specialized area. V-Excel hopes, that through such Satellite Centers, persons with special needs have access to a school or a remedial unit, where they can receive services.

  • V-Excel Remedial Center (VRC)

    The V-Excel Remedial Center (VRC) provides remedial services and serves as a feeder program for other units in the Trust. Students are provided one-on-one training to enahnce study skills and to organize themselves better. This helps students in regular schools cope with the prescribed curriculum.

  • Vocational Training Unit (VTU)

    Jointly run by V-Excel and ESVI Sarada Foundation, the Vocational Training Unit provides training in sensory integration, vocational services, counselling assessments, workshops for teachers, parents and children and home management for parents. In this center, pre-vocational and vocational training are provided to young adults with developmental disabilities.

  • Youth Empowerment Services (YES)

    The Youth Empowerment Services unit of V-Excel further expands the existing vocational training services in V-Excel. Focused on individuals with special needs aged 17 and above, the programs in YES are focused on imparting independent living skills, functional academics, and importantly, vocational training that will ultimately promote inclusion into the mainstream.