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What We're Doing Right Now

  • GuideStar (India) Platinum Transparency Award

    V-Excel has qualified for the "Advanced level- GuideStar India Platinum" award. This certifies our transparency until the end of June 2019. GuideStar India launched the GuideStar India NGO Transparency Awards to recognise organisations that practise and voluntarily demonstrate their transparency and accountability in the public domain. GuideStar believes that there is a need to have awards to illuminate the transparency level of civil society organisations to inspire greater trust in their work and garner support for their cause.

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  • Teacher Training and Development

    Under the aegis of the Kuruvila Jacob Initiative, we launched a Skill development and Competency Enhancement Programme for pre-primary and primary class teachers who work in regular schools to identify and guide children with specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, emotional disturbances, autism spectrum and slow learning. This programme is designed to help teachers keep up-to-date with current thinking in pedagogy, to reinforce the teachers’ confidence in their career choices and to make them more aware and knowledgeable about the nuances of early childhood education and become completely available to the children in the classroom.

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  • Early Intervention

    The primary focus of our early intervention programme is family education, training and support. The programme is designed to enable parents and other caregivers to assess their child’s developmental needs, incorporate educational and therapeutic strategies into daily routines and utilize available community resources. Children between birth and seven years of age who exhibit developmental delays are usually eligible for early intervention. Early intervention specialists including; educators, therapists, social workers, psychologists, and nurses work with families to develop strategies to incorporate intervention objectives into their daily routines. Services are provided in the family’s home, the child’s daycare, the early intervention center or other locations where the child and family spend time. The Early Intervention programme in V-Excel enjoys a success rate of 73% in mainstreaming children with developmental delays.

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  • Curative Education

    Curative Education provides a broad and integrated view of the human being, including an understanding of abilities and disabilities, age, development and relation to the environment. We use curative education to teach children with special needs. This experience of an integrated ‘wholeness’ is clearly beneficial for children and adults, who have difficulties integrating their sense-experience, as is the case with those who have ASD or Asperger Syndrome.

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  • CSR Partnerships

    CSR not only includes the activities that a company undertakes in order to utlilze their profit to enable social and environmental development, but also includes the methods that a company employs in order to earn these profits including socially responsible investments, and transparency to various stakeholders among others. Realizing the importance and the long-term benefit of being socially responsible many companies have incorporated socially responsible business practices. The basic objective of CSR is to maximize the company’s overall impact on the society and stakeholders while considering environment and overall sustainability. CSR Partnership is a long-term engagement of two or more organizations’ work-culture and systems and processes and social or business aspirations. It has to be understood and envisioned before it is practiced. V-excel's CSR partnerships are progressing from one-off grants and projects to strategic long-term collaborations.

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  • AIMS Multimedia Partnership

    The AIMS Ability Enhancement Multimedia Program (AEMP) is being offered to our trainees at the Youth Empowerment Services (Chennai) where they are taught Multimedia and Animation. The programs offered by AIMS are designed under the guidelines of doctors, parents, special educators and technical xxperts keeping in mind all variations of disabilities. The goal of this program is "Education, Therapy & Employment" for all trainees. The program has been designed to identify a child's creativity and imagination, whle also enhancing his right-hemisphere activities. Children are exposed to a lot of new things, which in turn help in their confidence building and skill building.

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V-Excel Latest News

  • Grundfos supports V-Excel in the launch of low-cost sanitary pads

    “As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. (Grundfos India), one of the largest manufacturers of energy-efficient pumps has been working with V-Excel Educational Trust, a Chennai-based public charitable trust to create livelihoods for differently-abled individuals. Grundfos supported V-Excel in establishing a sanitary pad making unit where these differently-abled trainees are trained and employed. The objective of this initiative is to produce low-cost sanitary pads, which are commercially viable. V-Excel has trained some of its autistic and intellectually challenged students to operate this unit.

    Through these efforts, V-Excel has now launched “Thozhi”, a low-cost sanitary napkin. Thozhi is made using fine and good quality raw materials. The napkins are packed in sealed and sterilized packets. Each packet contains four pads and costs INR 20.

    According to a recent survey conducted by AC Nielsen and Plan India revealed that nearly 70 percent of women cannot afford sanitary napkins and over 88 percent of women choose shocking alternatives such as cloth, ashes and husk sand during menstruation, thereby causing severe reproductive health problems. Therefore, Thozhi is an ideal solution to handle this issue.. ..More

    Princess Haya honours winners of Princess Haya Award for Special Education

    Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has honoured the winners of the sixth Princess Haya Award for Special Education (PHASE) at a ceremony held at the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, on April 12, 2017

    A host of senior officials, board members, managers and employees of special education centres also attended the event.

    Addressing the audience at the ceremony, Minister of Community Development, Najla Mohammed Al Awar, said that recognising administrative and technical excellence in the special education sector helps to inspire and motivate people who are devoted to supporting and serving people with special needs.

    Among the winners of the Princess Haya Award for Special Education (PHASE) in the Outstanding Management Category were: Distinguished Board Member: Vasudha Prakash, V-Excel Educational Trust.


    Empowering young adults with special needs

    A laundry and cafeteria run by young adults with special needs are among the empowering programmes envisaged by the Kinchitkaram Trust’s Abhyasa Kendra School in Srirangam.

    “We have found that many schools here cater to young children with special needs of 5-8 years, and after a period, not knowing what to do, they send them back home. It undoes all the work that has been put in through the years, which is really quite a lot,” Vasudha Prakash, founder-director, V-Excel Educational Trust, that is behind the curricular structure in the school, told The Hindu.More


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Our work is funded by our supporters and your donations make all the difference!


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