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Who We Are

One of the most challenging aspects of teaching a child with special needs is the realization that this child has come to our centre with a mission which we will be a part of. It is for us to discover this and serve the child in our journey together.

The programs offered by V-Excel Educational Trust make every moment of teaching alive and real for the special child by incorporating an eclectic mix of proven methodologies, different therapies, and assessments, support systems such as counselling and psychotherapy, medical services, remedial programs, advocacy for equal rights, full inclusion in society, independent living, self-determination and employment.

We have a team of dedicated, motivated and committed teaching staff, who aim to work with the child as their centre and serve in the best interest of the childs needs.

Our goal is to help families understand and accept their life situation and make the best of it and to overcome obstacles to social access and employment for persons with special needs.

We are a non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory organization based in Chennai, India.


Our work is funded by our supporters and your donations make all the difference!


The influence of the work that we do extends over several states and keeps growing beyond borders

58% of all income

Our work is funded by our supporters and your donations make all the difference!


Our work has directly impacted at least 68,000 individuals with special needs