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Strides Newsletter - August 2014 - V-Excel

Independence Day
The Indian Independence Day was celebrated with fervour in all our units. At our main centre in Mandaveli, Chennai, Mrs. Shyamala Ashok, Executive Director at United Way of Chennai, was the Chief Guest.

The well-attended programme in Mandaveli featured several songs sung by our children dressed in uniforms depicting the tri-colour. After the flag-hoisting, Mrs. Ashok, ourCHief Guest, made a short but heartfelt speech highlighting the importance of independence and how to value and appreciate it.

Tarang in Bangalore
The Bangalore debut for Tarang was more than we hoped it would be! A big thank you to Jagriti Theatre for graciously agreeing to host our first concert, to Mr. Prakash Sontakke for his enthusiasm and time and music, to all the children who attended and guests and well-wishers who were there in person (and spirit), donors who supported the cause, and Sangeeta Goel, our volunteer par excellence, who made this initiative take root in Bangalore!

Feedback from one of the guests: "I observed the kids thoroughly enjoying the music. Even those who were restless in the beginning started to mellow down the moment music started flowing...it was a beautiful event. Very nourishing for the soul!"

Feedback from few of the schools:
"We had a real good time last Friday. Thanks for the painstaking effort in getting through to us. The mothers who accompanied me were really happy to spend an afternoon in such wonderful atmosphere and ambience. Most of my kids were on the stage exploring and singing."

"We should be thanking you. My students and staff were so thrilled and enjoyed the program so much they did not want to leave. The couldn't stop talking about the program."

Happy 60th
Dr. V. R. Gowrishankar, the administrator of Sringeri Math and its properties, celebrated his 60th birthday on August 29. The 60th birthday is also called the 61st Vardhanti, from a Sanskrit root meaning "to grow", as the 61st year starts growing on this day.

Dr. Vasudha Prakash and Ajta Panshikar travelled to Sringeri to wish Dr. Gowrishankar on the occasion.

Dr. V.R. Gowrishankar comes from a family that has a very strong bond with the Sharada Peetham at Sringeri. His grandfather studied the Shastras under the 33rd Acharya of Sringeri. His father learned Vedanta directly from the 34th Acharya of Sringeri. Both served the Peetham as profound scholars and taught certain Sanskrit texts to the then successor-designates to the Peetham. Dr. Gowrishankar has been voluntarily serving the Peetham for more than two decades.

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