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Who We Are

One of the most challenging aspects of teaching a child with special needs is the realization that this child has come to our centre with a mission which we will be a part of. It is for us to discover this and serve the child in our journey together.

The programs offered by V-Excel Educational Trust are designed to address this. In understanding that education can be healing, we have a variety of things to offer under our umbrella organization. Making every moment of teaching alive and real for the children, different therapies, assessments, support systems such as counseling and psychotherapy, medical services, remedial programs, advocacy for equal rights, full inclusion in society, independent living, self-determination and employment.

We have a team of dedicated, motivated and committed teaching staff, who aim to work with the child as their centre and serve in the best interest of the childs needs.

Our goal is to help families understand and accept their life situation and make the best of it and to overcome obstacles to social access and employment for persons with special needs.

We are a non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory organization based in Chennai, India.

Our Services

The Academy of Teacher Excellence (ATE) aims to graduate the best teachers, strive to be more conscientious, dedicated, sensitive, enthusiastic, and motivated. The Academy offers a year-long Diploma program in Special Education. It also offers short-term courses in various areas of special education and disabilities. More

Our school, Kaleidoscope Learning Center (KLC), addresses a wide spectrum of learning and developmental difficulties. We follow the Waldorf curriculum and practice Curative Education. More

The V-Excel Remedial Center (VRC) is a feeder program for the KLC. It helps students in regular schools cope with the prescribed curriculum. Students are trained to have better study skills and to organize themselves better. They are trained on a one-to-one basis. More

Jointly run by V-Excel and ESVI Sarada Foundation, the V-Excel Center for Research and Rehabilitation provides training in sensory integration, vocational services, counselling assessments, workshops for teachers, parents and children and home management for parents. The center caters to infants and children under age 4 who are differently abled. In addition, pre-vocational and vocational training is provided to young adults with developmental disabilities. More

Another program of V-Excel is the implementation of the Indian Government's initiative called Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) which means "education for all". We were selected by the Government of Tamil Nadu to implement integrated education for the disabled in rural areas. This program currently covers 9 blocks and about 650 schools. More

Our Work with Special Children

A Celebration of Practical Living Skills

For a while now, the mantra at Kaleidoscope Learning Centre, our special school, has been initiative, independence and interest! The following stories more than illustrate the point.

A Facebook post by Mrs. Shakila Hameed, whose daughter Aaqila is a student of the Pre-vocational class in KLC, had the caption "Aaqi makes delicious masala idli!" Mrs. Hameed had further explained how her daughter had decided to make breakfast on a rainy day to surprise her family. She not only made the food but also served it with aplomb while the proud and delighted family watched..... Interest, initiative and independence rolled into one!

It is interesting to note that Aaqila has become this quiet dignified hostess having overcome her natural timidity, her frequent flights into fears, both real and imagined. She has mastered the skill of cooking this particular dish after practising it diligently step-by-step for over one month! She is now learning to independently read the recipe from a pictorial written version.

Another proud mother Pon Rajam, took snaps of Preethi a student of Grade 5, as she went about making a meal for her family in the summer break! She made rice and dal independently. All this, after a training period of one block comprising 4-5 weeks where the practical work entailed cooking. While we congratulate the children, we also commend the trust and the support extended by the parents in believing in their children's capabilities.

Aditya R.P., a student of Grade 4, has been in school for about eight years now. A child with learning difficulties and global developmental delays, it has been very difficult for Aditya to muster the self-confidence to do even the simplest of tasks. Gradually, over the years, in addition to reading and writing, managing to be independent in social and practical areas of life have been the areas of focus in his education plan. The family reported an incident where Aditya showed exceptional presence of mind and resourcefulness. The family was to go to the station and were waiting for an auto but none seemed to oblige. Suddenly, the young teenager who had gradually been developing wings, had contacted a call taxi vendor, given his home address and the family left for the station. The parents were gratified. A child who the family needed to watch over and constantly make adjustments to, was today independent enough to take over organising a small trip with his own sense of responsibility.

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